Review Policy

Updated 1.23.15

Thank you for considering me as a possible reviewer for your book(s). I am currently accepting review copies at this time, but here is some information you should know before submitting a request to me.

I always write honest reviews. If a book doesn’t work for me, I will say so. I always strive to be polite and to never “bash” an author or a book, but I will always give my truthful opinion. Please do not ask me to review your book if you are only looking for positive reviews, because I cannot guarantee that.

I reserve the right to not finish and/or not review a book that I accept for review. I endeavor to review every book I read, but if I am not enjoying a book after 50-100 pages (depending upon the total length of the book) I will usually abandon abandon it, which means there will be no review.

If you have a particular time frame wherein you’d like the review to be published on my blog, please say so in your original email request. I will review at my own pace unless otherwise requested.

Generally, I am interested in reviewing books within the following genres:
  • Fantasy and Science Fiction of all types
  • Comic Books/Graphic Novels
  • Short Fiction/Anthology
  • New Weird/Steampunk
  • Contemporary/Literary Adult fiction
  • Mystery/suspense/horror
  • Historical fiction
  • Young Adult fiction
  • Children’s books (books marketed to kids younger than teens)
  • Nonfiction related to feminism, history, politics, environment, anthropology, psychology, theology, cartography and urbanism.

Generally, I am NOT interested in reviewing books within the following genres:

  • Stories about wealthy young New Yorkers being sad in a post 9/11 milieu.
  • Military fiction
  • Women’s fiction
  • Christian or Religious fiction
  • Romance
  • Self-help
  • Any self published books
  • Memoirs

I do NOT review audiobooks and ebooks at present, but I could be convinced. I typically publish my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. If you’d like me to publish the review elsewhere I’m happy to accommodate. I will never sell ARCs but I may pass them along to friends, family, other bloggers or readers via giveaways on my blog.

Please send any review requests to me via email at

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