Book Review – Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman

“The Thing About Cassandra” (2010)

After a slow start, this one put my fears to rest. A simple concept really (a man is contacted by an old girlfriend that he had only previously imagined), but it takes some interesting turns and has beautifully realized characters. This is, coincidentally, a hallmark of nearly every Neil Gaiman story; even the incidental characters feel lived in and lumpy and worn. Not “real” necessarily. But real enough.

“The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains…” (2010)

The cover of the picture book adaptation

This one has won several awards, including a Locus for Best Novelette, and it is easy to see why. Lyrical, haunting, mythic, and bloody, it feels like a distilled vision of ancient Scotland. Easily one of the highlights of the book.

“The Case of Death and Honey” (2011)

I’ll admit, I’m cheating here a bit as I already read this story in an earlier anthology. But it still counts, because it has a old, grizzled Sherlock Holmes, still solving puzzles.

Oh Benedict. You’re the only Holmes for me.

“Black Dog” (2015)

I really liked Neil Gaiman’s book American Gods. Like, a whole bunch.

So he really couldn’t have closed Trigger Warning on a higher note than a brand new story (written specifically for this book) detailing the further adventures of American God’s half divine, taciturn protagonist, Baldur “Shadow” Moon as he struggles with depression.

Well, not really actually it is the mythic personification of depression.


Look upon his slavering visage…and DESPAIR.

That’s all for tonight, folks. Thanks for reading!


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