9 Bestiaries for the Budding Nerdy Mind

I’m going to admit something here, because it’s a safe space…

I am addicted to bestiaries.


A Google search for “book addict” does not disappoint.

OK, not really addicted, per se.

BUT, I have loved them since I was very little. Few things did more to pique my interest in the fantastic than page after page of bizarre, terrifying, fascinating creatures. I’d like to share a few of them with you, specifically the ones that I am enjoying with my daughters, along with a few that I either do not own, or would like to read.

(As a side note, I will be avoiding D&D Monster Manual-style books. Not because they aren’t interesting (they are), but because they are largely out of my realm of expertise. And if you are even remotely interested in reading a D&D Monster Manual, this list probably isn’t for you. You’re doing fine on your own.)



One thought on “9 Bestiaries for the Budding Nerdy Mind

  1. Ah yes, The Tolkien Bestiary. Im not sure if I had a copy of this before Meggan bought me one the first year we were married. I to am not enamored with all the artists in the book but I still like several, including the one who did the pictures that you showed in the post. Also much of the text of the book is really quite good and informative. These all look really great and I’ll need to try to find them at the library, though we own a couple of them and have looked at others. Bestiaries are just plain nerdy fun. I’ve always liked them and other similar books.

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