Don’t know what the Trans-Pacific Partnership is? Well, this may get a bit Graphic…

So I’m not a big fan of “economics.”

Why, you may ask? Well, besides being confusing, dull, and frequently up it’s own rear, the main issue I have is that the loudest and most powerful voices too often seem disconnected from the lives of real people.

It’s like me and my wife playing Settlers of Catan, but instead of me locking up all the brick in the early game, it’s Goldman Sachs manufacturing credit default swaps and playing Russian roulette with the American housing market.

But you know what I am a big fan of?


So when I found a comic that explains economic theories in a clear (well mostly clear) fashion and unashamedly vouches for ordinary citizens? Well, that I like.

Check out a couple of pages below the break, then go over to Economix Comix for more fiduciary enlightenment.

PS: It’s a little slow going in the first half. Stick with it.


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