So you didn’t think archers could be killing machines? Me either. Turns out we were both greatly mistaken.

I love archery.

Admittedly, I haven’t indulged recently, although I was an archery instructor at summer camp as a teenager. I bought my daughter a bow for her last birthday. And when I play a fantasy RPG, I always role a dark elf archer. Always.

Because come on…

But I always felt a little guilty, you know? Because in the back of my mind, there was always the niggling thought…

“Archers can’t do that.”

They can be lethal from a distance, sure. But in a knockdown fight? Might as well be holding a giant noodle for all the good it will do you.


Well, hold your horses, podnah. Meet me on the other side of this video, and we can talk about how much of a badass this guy is. And yes, you do need to watch the WHOLE movie. Especially the last 10 seconds.

RIGHT? I just imagine Hawkeye looking at this guy, then shrugging, and saying “I quit.”

On the plus side, he’s always got his modeling career to fall back on. Artist

PS: If this picture confuses you, check out The Hawkeye Initiative, one of my favorite projects in the whole internet.


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