TV Review – Agent Carter: Episodes 1 and 2

Peggy Carter, as played by the fabulous Hayley Atwell

I love so many things about Agent Carter, the newest TV show to emerge from the worlds of Marvel. So many, in fact, that I would run out of superlatives if I did a normal post. So, seeing as this is the internet, I will endeavor to create a list.

Things I Love About Agent Carter – A List

1. Hayley Atwell – She is a wonderfully talented actress, and her turn as Martha in Be Right Back, my favorite episode of Black Mirror, was superb. I can’t wait to see, well, whatever it is she does next. Doesn’t really matter what, as long as she is doing her thing.

2. Costumes – Let me just say, racism and sexism..and homophobia…and well, all that stuff aside? The 1940’s were so cool. Let me show you:

dat hat

dat coat

dat skirt


I mean, come ON.

3. The Presence of Chad Michael Murry – This one absolutely baffles me. I mean, he was on One Tree Hill. Just look at him!

All will love me and despair

Sooooo douchey, right? Well, now look at him.

He’s aged so well that he actually has “oakey tannins”, whatever those are.

Case closed. (Get it…he’s an agent? Never mind)

4. Agent Carter is a Character First – Sure there are a lot of great digs at sexism, with Carter getting one up on the boys through sheer grit and determination (and looking great while doing it). But it’s more significant that in addition to being an extremely competant, skilled agent…she is also, get this, an actual person. She is allowed to have flaws and foibles, and isn’t consigned to be a generic “strong female character.”

5. Fun – Holy cow is this show fun! It has actual jokes, for crying out loud! It is pulpy as hell, and you can tell that the writers are having a GREAT time playing with the tropes, while still interrogating the assumptions that made so much pulp writing REALLY problematic (see the aforementioned misogyny, racism, etc.).

6. Enver Gjokaj -You may remember him as that one cop in the Avengers.

“How is he not running out of arrows?”

But I have loved this actor since his turn as Victor in Dollhouse. Just to set this up, he played a Doll, someone who has their personalities wiped so they can be implanted with other personalities. He gets implanted with the personality of a 20 year old party girl and..well, I can’t find the video, but trust me. It’s the best.

He brings a great deal of heart and humor to his character, a wounded WWII vet, and also has the superpower of making women ovulate if they come within 10 feet of him.

Did I mention that I love the costumes? Even if I would never wear them myself?

7. It’s Short – Namely, it is only eight episodes long, fully a third of most American shows, meaning that it is focused. The Brits figured this out LONG ago, but it just makes sense that limited seasons lead to tighter, better content in most cases. Look at Sherlock, Luthor, The IT Crowd, The Office…wait, I smell another post coming on…

So, in case it isn’t amply obvious, this show is an absolute must watch. If Marvel can keep releasing content of this quality, well than I’ll just keep on watching.


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