My Lego Weekend

Two Lego related points on this frosty Monday morning.

Firstly, my wife and I took our daughters to Brick by Brick, an installation at the Anchorage Museum celebrating the artistic and creative potential of Lego. From the website:

This Anchorage Museum organized exhibition explores the creative potential of LEGO® toys and bricks. The exhibition features work by New York artist Nathan Sawaya, who creates large-scale sculptures from LEGO® bricks, and English artist Mike Stimpson, who is known for re-creating historic events and popular culture scenes using LEGO figurines.

Interactive stations in this exhibition include a LEGO brick workshop area and technology to help visitors create and build. These hands-on stations emphasize LEGO bricks as learning tools with artistic, scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical applications.

It really was very cool, if smaller than I anticipated.

A timely tribute.

And secondly, I happened upon an interesting article on the business aspect of the stunning, decade-long turnaround in Lego’s fortunes. I thought their philosophy towards bottom lines was particularly refreshing:

Licensing deals still flourish, Knudstorp says, “but they contribute no more of our business than about a third,” he adds. “They’re on a list of about 10 things that drive the growth of the company.” What’s Lego’s ultimate goal? Is it growth for growth’s sake? As a privately held company, Lego has no need to demonstrate anything to markets or shareholders. According to Knudstorp, he only has to worry about “the shareholder”—Christiansen’s heirs—who have two official objectives: that Lego continue to create innovative play experiences and reach more children every year.

Did you grow up with Lego? What are some of your favorite memories?


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