When I tell you I don’t like modern country music, I mean it…

…and this is why. I have been pointing this out for years, I tell you. YEARS!


Don’t believe me? Skip to 2:40. Behold. Same time signature, chord structure, themes, even the flipping BEATS PER MINUTE are the same. For shame, country music. For shame.

And so, for comparison, I give you some REAL country music, with more originality, heart and personality than is contained in the past decade of Top 40 Bro-Country releases.

Chris out.


2 thoughts on “When I tell you I don’t like modern country music, I mean it…

  1. I’ll play devil’s advocate here.

    Is this new? Surfin’ USA and Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode have the same opening riffs. Blues songs (one of the key sources of country) is based largely on just a pair of chord progressions. Any number of the pop-punk songs from the late nineties used (I think) an I, V, VI, IV chord progression (Good Charlotte, Blink 182, MxPx and I’ve heard in numerous modern songs; Rihanna uses it I think) and back in the fifties, the I, IV, V, IV (think Louie, Louie) was used all over. This is how pop music works and country is pop music. The challenge is how to use the same structure and make songs different.

    And are you sure he didn’t tweak the beats per minute? And the keys? That’s not hard to do with modern software.

    1. Good points. As for the BPM, the times I saw matched up for four of the six, so he may have tweaked two of the songs.

      As for the other points (chord structure in particular) it’s not that I have a problem with pop music per se. I actually really like pop music. It’s that I find this type of country music insulting, patronizing, and sad. It’s like redneck minstrelsy.

      A movie from last year took a different tact, but also pointed out a similar problem.

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