Sunday at the Links : 1-12-14

Welcome to what promises to be the first of many weekend wrap-ups. To the links!

– Having two daughters and being a fan of fantasy and sci-fi leads to some tensions, not the least of which is the under representation of women in those genre’s. One woman dares to ask; What if Bilbo was female?

– Someone has clearly been taking notes from one Hayao Miyazaki. I see that as a good thing. Keep in mind, this is a senior project.

– The Columbine school shooting was horrifying and left an indelible mark on the American psyche. What is more horrifying is that someone made a video game where you get to play the killers. Or is it horrifying? This story avoids easy answers, but it does get to some rather poignant truths about grief and loss.

– On a far, far  less serious note, would you like to look madness in the eye? To stare into the face of compulsion…gooey, delicious compulsion? I give you the chocolate chip cookie recipe to end them all.

– I tried, and failed, to read the Silmarillion several times (unlike my brother, Eric), but I am at least conversant enough in its mythology to realize that this is super cool.

– Ever wondered what will happen to the Earth in one hundred quintillion years? I know I have. But not any more.

– I for one welcome a future where our astronauts look like this.

– I would like to have this book. I think I might need it.

And finally I leave you with the worst, and likely most wide-spread, cliché in movies. Even Julie Andrews did it.


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